The story of “Chaplain Henry”

Voice of the Overcomer's Prison and Jail Ministry was formed in 1996 as an outreach of the ministry's local congregation. It was founded by Chaplain Henry Porter.

After many years in the business arena, Henry found his "calling" for the later years of his life.

It was at about this time that he heard the voice of the Holy Spirit tell him one day to go into a monogramming store and purchase a ball cap and jacket and have the word "chaplain" along with a cross monogrammed on it.  He had no idea what a chaplain really was, but wanting to be faithful to the prompting of he Holy Spirit he did just that.

Soon after he was asked to participate in a Bible Study at the local jail.

Since that time, Henry has been the "unofficial" Chaplain at the Deschutes County Jail, in Bend, OR ministering to 1000's of incarcerated men and women in the past 21 years. He's easy to spot... he's the one usually wearing the tattered old "chaplain's ball cap".

Henry has traveled to State and Federal prisons throughout the United States sharing the love of God with inmates, many on death row. He has also ministered in some of the toughest prisons in the world in Lima, Peru, Monterrey, Mexico, Manchester, England and Cape Town, South Africa, sharing hope and redemption wherever lost souls are found.

Henry is in his mid 80s and still ministers many hours a week. Retirement is not a word in his vocabulary.

Those who know him well know he will be sharing the Gospel with someone when the Lord returns or takes him home.